Years of Dustin Cook's death threat posts sent to TN State Police

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Subject: Years of Dustin Cook's death threat posts sent to TN State Police
Posted by:  Dave U. Random (anonymo…
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012

The timing is right due to all these maniacs killing people with guns.

Sent with complete headers & body text using anon e-mail through the
remailer system.

They should be able to track his headers and the fact he claims to
have a carry permit.

If he really doesn't live in TN, too bad.

Personally, I'd be greatly surprised if he lived anywhere near TN, but
it's about time someone took this crazy bastard seriously.

If the cops don't give a damn, someday when he does flip out, I'll
make public my e-mails to them. I told them that.


Subject: Do not EVER trust this sociopath - he will threaten your family

Another archived post of Raid [SLAM] aka Dustin <bughunter.dust…>

It might be true, so far as we know, that he has not carried out the
threats he has made against the numerous families of Usenet posters who
have disagreed with him. But, remember, how many times have you read of
these sociopaths who one day picked up a gun or a knife and killed? His
neighbors usually are not surprised since they all considered him a nut
job before the killings. Only afterwards did they realize the extent of
what they had seen all along, a fuse burning in a twisted mind until it
reached and released the hate bomb of rage and anger inside this sick

The sociopath known as Raid [Slam] aka Dustbin Cook is a ticking
sociopathic time bomb. One never can tell what innocent remark will be
seen by this sicko as an insult or threat. Why even take a chance on
ever placing yourself in that position? He should be quarantined along
with his UK fag friends. Let those faggots cut each other's throats on a
daily basis.

(Don't be fooled by their seeming arguments with each other. That's how
fags converse in their daily world.)