What's up with Webroot's SpySweeper?

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Subject: What's up with Webroot's SpySweeper?
Posted by:  Ellwood P. Farquad (FoolsOnFa…@GOPliars.com)
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011

Seems like I've had it forever, but lately is simply doesn't "run",
just sits there "loading". Nothing is enabled, so all I see is the shell,
and the program entries in Task Manager. 'Course when I try to
end the process I get slapped down as not having privileges.

Uninstalled it twice and re-installed to the Prog Files (x86),
but still it just sits there "loading".

Now I've uninstalled it again. Should I just bag it?

P. S. As you'd expect you get NO help whatsoever from their
support folks. Hey, they've got my purchase price money,
why should they care?