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Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010

As a self proclaimed employee of MI5 besides, 'oh shit'
what can you say about this? Surely you can your mates can do better?

Home Secretary Theresa May vows cargo security review
Home Secretary Theresa May has pledged to review air freight security after
bombs were found on two cargo jets in the UK and Dubai.
Prime Minister David Cameron said the device discovered in the UK was
designed to go off on the aircraft.

Mrs May said: "Certainly, we have to look at our processes of searching and
how we detect these devices."

A female medical student has been arrested in Yemen on suspicion of posting
the bombs bound for the US.

Referring to the bomb uncovered in the UK, Mrs May told BBC One's Andrew
Marr Show: "The crucial thing is we did find it and we were able to take
action on it.

"What we have done is taken action in relation to future unaccompanied
freight from the Yemen which would either be coming into the UK or through
the UK, and banned that freight."