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Subject: What next?
Posted by:  Li'l Abner (blvs…@dogpatch.com)
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010

I have a little HP laptop here with Windows 7 Starter Editon. It's badly
infected with who knows what. I have only booted it in Safe Mode (with
networking) and find that IE is redirecting Google Searches. By typing in
the URLs for Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware I was able to get them
downloaded. I tried MBAM first. It actually allowed me to install it and
get the updates. When the main screen came back up I clicked to do a quick
scan. About 5 seconds later, MBAM disappeared. When I tried to run it
again, it was corrupted. So I renamed a good copy and transferred it to the
laptop via memory stick. I ran it under the renamed name. Again, the
program opened and shortly after I clicked "scan" it disappeared again.
Then basically the same thing happened with SuperAntiSpyware. It installed
and updated. In the process of the final installation steps, I checked the
option to send information to SAS for analysis (forget just how that's
worded). Midway through the send, SAS disappeared from the screen.
Corrupted. The logos on both the MBAM and the SAS desktop icons went away.
The exe files still existed and were both the exact same size as the valid
ComboFix is not recommended on Windows 7. So I downloaded the Sophos
rootkit remover on my computer and transferred it to the laptop. It
installed and ran OK, but everything it found (a lot of unknown hidden
files and two hidden registry entries) it recommended to leave alone. So it
did nothing. I managed to get CCleaner installed and it ran OK. It cleaned
out about 240Mb of stuff, but it didn't help any.
I have copied all the documents to a portable hard drive and am considering
restoring it back to factory installation (it has a restore partiton).
Is there any other malware tool besides MBAM and SAS that I might be able
to get to run?

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