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Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010

Lockerz is a new website who pre-launched this year, and offers gifts
and prizes for doing enjoyable things. In order to redeem such prizes,
you have to earn things called PTZ, or "pointz".

What is PTZ you ask? PTZ are like "Lockerz money", which you can earn
by watching videos, listening to new music, play games online, talk
with friends and more fun stuff. The prizes that you can redeem
includes itouches, laptops, gym class heroes private concert, piaggio
scooters, Ps3, big screen LCD Televisions, Xbox 360, cameras, and this
is just the tip of the iceberg. For now, until the official site
launching in October, you can earn PTZ by entering the site every day
and doing some action, and by answering the daily question.

The daily question is a new question that Lockerz post every day, and
for every question per day you get 2 PTZ, 4 if you are a Z-lister. For
daily action you also receive 2 PTZ, 4 for Z-listers. The major way of
earning PTZ is by inviting friends to Lockerz. One must get a Lockerz
Invite in order to register to Lockerz. For every friend you invite to
Lockerz community, you receive 2 PTZ, 4 For Z-Listers.

Now you should ask what a Z-lister is, and I'll answer. Z-list is the
exclusive VIP list of Lockerz. You can be Z-lister by inviting more
than 20 friends. Whenever you receive Z-lister status, you get a free
Lockerz T-shirt, shipped straight to your home adrress.

If you sign up early to Lockerz, you will get to help shaping the site
before the big launch, that is set to be somewhere around Fall 2009.

You probably want to know how you can sign up, because you need an
invitation. This is easy! Just send your email address and we will
invite you instantly!

my mail is sale_5…