After clean-up damage.

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Subject: After clean-up damage.
Posted by:  T.H (
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2009

I recently helped remove a Windows Police Pro rogue from a computer.
Malwarebytes dealt with it and the owner paid for the product

However, the Scheduled tasks no longer function.  This appears to be
dependent upon the Event Log service running.  Attempting to start these
gives a "interface unknown" error 1717 and event log error 126.  These
are symptoms found and instructions I have discovered offer no help.

The Hijack log is unremarkable and GMER shows no suspicious activity.

One Googled result shows file damage wherein critical files were named
from *.DLL to *.DLL_ (appended underscore) causing them to appear as
compressed, or so suggested by a similar problem.

Does a "Repair Installation" of Windows seem worth a try before a
complete wipe and re-install?

Thanks for any suggestions.