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Subject: CCleaner
Posted by:  Lil' Abner (blvs…
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009

I am working on a computer now that is a perfect example of an ongoing
problem I've had. It has 5 users on it and has spyware. I booted in Safe
Mode with Networking, then downloaded the latest version of CCleaner and
Malwarebytes. I am in the account that is used most. CCleaner removed about
2.7 Gb of garbage. But when I run Malwarebytes, it still has to scan a huge
amount of files in each user's Local Settings\temp files and also in each
users Temporary Internet Files. So obviously CCleaner is NOT cleaning
everything up as I expected. Does it have to be run in each account? Maybe
it would be faster to just log in to each account and remove all that stuff
manually. Is there another application that does a more thorough job of
getting rid of temporary files?
Eventually I'll get it cleaned up, but by the time MBam and SAS get done
sorting through all that unnecessary stuff, I will have missed America's
Got Talent... :-)

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