XPAntivirus2009, etc.

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Subject: XPAntivirus2009, etc.
Posted by:  Lil' Abner (blvs…@dogpatch.com)
Date: 20 Jul 2009

I've been fighting these for the last couple of years now and have pretty
well been able to keep up with it. Is there a general name or category for
these? Do they still fall under Smitfraud?
Anyway, I was about to finally give up on one a couple of days ago. I had
cloned the drive and was getting ready to wipe. None of the good stuff
would run either in normal or Safe Mode. Then I found something in Google
that saved me. I renamed mbam.exe, superantispyware.exe, gmer.exe to
slightly different names and they ran like a champ. In a couple hours time,
I had the machine clean as a whistle.
This probably isn't new to most of you, but I don't believe I've noticed it
mentioned here before. Might be helpful to someone.

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