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Subject: Alternative to Zone Alarm
Posted by:  Andrea (
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009

I've been using Zone Alarm Free for many years and have always liked it, but
a recent installation has caused major crashing on my computer (Windows XP
Pro, SP3). I read in the ZA forums that there were problems with this
version, so I uninstalled it, including using the ZA tool and going through
the registry to hopefully remove all traces. Then after emptying the recycle
bin and caches and rebooting, I installed an earlier version, and actually I
prefer the earlier version interface. But I had the same problems. It even
caused crashes when I tried to disable it without uninstalling it. Yesterday
the IT folks where I work tried to figure out what was causing all the
crashes and narrowed it down to ZA. Uninstalling it stopped the crashes,
although they had a lot of trouble getting my laptop to connect again to the
DNS server, which they finally fixed, and they said there were still
"tunnels" from ZA, but there wasn't time to deal with it yesterday. There
are still issues to be resolved around the DNS server issue, and if they
can't resolve them, I may eventually have to have the OS formatted. My
dilemma is that after that, I'm afraid to then install ZA again and have the
cycle start all over, but I want to have a software firewall in addition to
the firewall in my router. My questions for this group are (1) whether you
know how to get rid of the tunnels that remain without wiping the hard
drive, and (2) whether you have recommendations for other free programs like
ZA. Thank you.