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Subject: STEAMED@
Posted by:  radioguy (radioguy2…
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008

As I said, I play all my videogames offline. A few months ago or so,
legally bought a perfectly legal offline videogame, "Sin episode
1:Emergence"  from
perfectly legal retailstore, "Half-Price Books". When I tried
installing it on my computer, it wouldn't let me install it unless I
went online.
Iwasn't able to get on thr internet at that time since I didn't have
phone line at that time. I thought "surely you don't need to go
just install and play a offline game. Since a LOT of people don't
the internet at all and a LOT of people who play computer games don't
the internet at all.
although since I figured that someday I might be able to get back
online, I kept it. Now that I have a phone line again, I
recently tried
installing it. It made me register for Steam first. But when I put in
the key code number for the game, it said it was already registered
wouldn't let it play on my computer.

Steam's service said they'll release the codfe if you give them a
of your receipt (plus some other stuff) within a certain time for any
game bought at a retail store.

However, they wouldn't have released it even if I had returned it the
same day or the next day, because Steam's service said they won't
it if it was bought at a store which sells used games.

So now So now I can't even play my legally bought videogame. And
contradicted itself since I did buy the game at a legal retail store.

It's both Valve and Steam breaking the law. The law clearly says it's
legal to sell and buy used merchandise. Inclding software and other
copyrighted material.

The law is also clear that once a copyrighted item is sold, that the
original seller is not allowed to keep any part of the original and
that all things with the original must be turned over to the new

So by keeping the  code number linked with the old owner instead of
turning the code number and account over to the new owner instead of
Valve and
Steam are the ones breaking the laws. Thry're criminals.

They're the ones breaking the copyright laws. It is illegal to not
transfer any parrt of a game or other copyright material over to the
new owner
when it's sold to the new owner and after it's sold to the new owner.

The law is also clear that signing a contract does not make illegal
things in the contract legal. (despite what the videogame companies

If it did, then that makes all the CC&rs in HOAs preventing selling
homes to people because of their race perfectly legal even though the
law says it' s not legal, because they signed a contract agreeing to
those illegal things and so they're bound by law to do those illegal
because if they don't do those illegal things, then they're breaking
the law.

Nope. That's NOT how it works, even though it's how the videogame
companies want it to work.

And since I can't play my perfectly legally bought videogame, and am
out the money I spent, guess what?

Now after I finkish my Sims2 collection I already started, I'm never
ever ever ever going to buy any more pc computer games ever.

And I'm telling everyone I can about it.

Yes, it's a shame the innocent videogame companies also have to
because of the guilty videogame companies besides just the guilty
videogame companies suffering. But I don't have any choice.

It's just like when I was in school and the teachers would punish the
whole class for sometthing one person did and said it was fair to do

I disagreed and I always said and thought I would never be like that.

However,as I said, now I don't have any choice.

And even if I did, I still won't ever buy another pc videogame ever

There was no warning on the outside of the case or box that online
registration was required, and no warning on the outside of the case
the box that Steam was required. There was no mention of Steam
anywhere until after I put the disc in my computer after I had

There wasn't even any mention of it on the cases or boxes when it was
brand new in stores.

So since there's no posssible way for me to know ahead of time
a game requires online registration, or uses Steam or Securom, an
don't want
to risk losing any more of my  money, I'm
just never ever ever ever buying another computer game from anywhere,
ever. And all you innocent videogame companies have Steam, Valve, Ea,

to thank for your businesses suffering and possibly going out of

I'll go back to the good old-fashioned board games we already have
around here.

yeah, if we go by the excuses the videogame shills have already said
and posted on the internet, playing old board games you already have
is illegal and stealing from them.

They're full of a bunch of bull.

Even the MPAA shills in the newsgroups said that going out without
dvds of movies at all is stealing from them since they're not making
any profits from
you on the dvds they put out.

yes, the MPAA shills said not buying any dvd movies when they're
released and going completely without watching them is stealing
from them since they're not making profits off of you they would have
otherwise made when releasing it.

They're also full of a bunch of bull.

In the U.S., it is NOT against the law to not buy something you don't
want and to go without it.

Maybe it is in old communist Russia that the MPAA and MPAA shills
to love so much.

Thanks to Valve and Steam and EA and Securom, I no longer care if ALL
of the videogame companies go out of business and now will actually
be glad when they all go out of business.

And since they have me so steamed with their illegal activities, I
will now tell the cbers how to eliminate the distance limit.

Start a petition to eliminate the distance limit on cb and allow
to talk as far as they want to on cb, make sure it says both,
get enough people to sign it so that it can be put on the ballot as a
consttutional amendment. And if more than three quarters of the
ratify it ( At least I think it's three quarters or more. I'm not
about the exact number), it becomes law no matter what the ITU says
because just like the videogame companies' illegal contracts and HOA
CC&R illegal contracts requiring discrimination against blscks,
or whatever other races, the ITU agreement is an illegal agreement
made ABOVE the authority of the U.S. Government.

The U.S. Constitution does NOT give the U.S. government the authority
to enter into agreements or treaties made ABOVE the U.S. governmennt.

It does not even give the U.S. government the authority to enter into
agreements or treaties EQUAL to the U.S. government.

The U.S. Constitution only gives the U.S. government the authority to
enter into agreements and treaties made UNDER the authority of
the U.S. government.

So that the U.S. Constitution is always the highest law in the land
over Americans and the U.S. government.

So there's nothing the ITU can legally do since the ITU is an illegal
agreement or illegal treaty in the first place.

They have no place telling American cbers they can't talk over a
certain distance on CB when the U.S. Consttution clearly says they
if the majority of Americans want to do so by voting on it to do so.

The ITU is NOT above the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme law of the

And you all have Valve and Steam to thank for my new attitude along
with EA and Securom aka Suck-u-rom

After installing Steam, it wouldn't let me uninstall it, I tried
restarting my computer and got an error message
whch said Steam was preventing my computer from restarting.