SuperAntiSpyware problem

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Subject: SuperAntiSpyware problem
Posted by:  G Mulcaster (mulcasterX…
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008

Hi folks,

I was happy with SuperAntiSpyware on my old computer.  So, I did a
Google search for for a new copy to install on my new computer.  I
picked one of many to download.

The installation also installed a program called Zango which purported
to sponsor SuperAntiSpyware by with an arrangement that it would
provide no more than four or five pop-up ads per day.

As I recall, there was no option to reject the Zango install, nor was
there an ability to stop the install while in process.

I ran SAS and it picked up Zango, but the box associated was
unchecked.  I checked it and restared the computer per the SAS

The computer would not run.  I had to use safe mode to conduct a
system restore.

Of possible interest, the Version of the download was,


How can I verify Zango is no longer on my computer?
Where do I get a clean copy of SAS?

Thanks, Gary