How to idiot proof a computer?

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Subject: How to idiot proof a computer?
Posted by:  JediSpo‚Ķ
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008

I always get stuck fixing family and friends fudged up computers for
free. Usually it comes to needing a reformat they are so bad. Of
course they can never have their stuff backed up so I need to deal
with that also.

Anyway I always make sure windows has all updates and service packs
and then I install antivir.
Usually there is a outdated norton doing nothing so I always remove
that. It just gives people the wrong idea that they are protected. I
also install firefox and strongly suggest they use that over IE.
Is there anything else free that I can do? This usually seems to work
for a while but on the rare occasion I have been called back the next
day after a complete reformat and update.

I have started to tell people they will always have problems until
they improve their internet habits.
Is there anything else I can do to further idiot proof a computer? I
usually install something like Super Anti Spyware and tell them to use
that once a week but that doesn't happen. I just dont understand
because I can go years without needing to reformat.

Are there any real time spyware detection programs that are free that
could help? I'm thinking of buying SaS for myself because it seems
they have free upgrades for the life of the product deal going on now.
I'm also going to suggest this to some family members.

Would that be a good combo to go along with antivir?

Also wondering if there were any firefox extensions that can help? Or
a program that auto updates the hosts file so I could keep them from
the crap sites all together.

thanks so much for any help you can give.