Searching On Phone Numbers

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Subject: Searching On Phone Numbers
Posted by:  Coffee's For Closers (Usenet20…@THE-DOMAIN-IN.SIG)
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2009

I am expanding one of my sites, with the aim of attracting more
organic search engine traffic.

Let's say that, you receive a phone message, without a clear
indication of the caller's identity.  But, either they leave a
number to call back, or there is a number saved on your Caller

Then, you go online - to Google or whatever search engine you
favour - and you input the phone number to investigate.

How would search with that string?


(123) 456-7890



Phone number 123 area code 456-7890

Etc, etc, etc...

Yes, I know that there are a few consumer-driven directories like

But, I want to know how to format the text for my site, to draw
some traffic to help people understand the
nature/background/details of a phone number that they found on
Caller ID, or in a paper communication.  This includes people
searching with extra terms with words that they think might be
relevant to the phone number.


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