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Subject: Redirecting to please search engines
Posted by:  Marc Bradshaw (mbradsh…
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009

Most of our websites are written in PHP with a MySQL back end.
Simplified, every page is stored as a record in the database and
templates are used for display of content.  This means that there is
always a /home or /welcome record which acts as the home page for the
website.  In the past I have always just done a straight header redirect
to send visitors (and search engines) to /home whenever they have not
specified a page.

Few of our websites get good search engine rankings quickly, the few who
are on the first page of results for their keywords have to build up a
lot of links and it generally takes a year or more to get to page 2/3.

I know that Search Engine Optimisation is a complex and time consuming
task, but I wonder if this redirect could be a hindrance - should we be
doing a 301 moved permanently redirect?  We use this type of redirect
(set in the .htaccess file, though we could do it in the PHP) to
redirect from to, but is a 301 also
appropriate to redirect to the home page when none has been specified?

Your views and advice would be welcome.


Marc Bradshaw
BEA Solutions Ltd.

Portsmouth, UK