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Subject: List and select
Posted by:  Gloops (
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016

Hello everybody,

I want to use a dropdown list and a classic list (with fixed dimensions)
on a web page.

That appears to be rendered by a <select> tag in both cases, but in the
second case with the multiple="multiple" attribute.

If I look at the documentation, I see that multiple means that the user
can select several values in the list (with Shift click if they are
contiguous, with Ctrl click if they are not).

So, the question is, how to obtain a classic list that does not allow to
select several elements ?

I tried multiple="none", multiple="one", but that is handled exactly the
same as multiple="multiple". The user can select as many elements as he
wants, so if the code, behind, does not treat that, the results is no good.

I tried to suppress, from Firefox, the multiple attribute, and the
results was rendered by a dropdown list.

So, is that a bug, or did not I search properly ?