Errors 302 and 304

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Subject: Errors 302 and 304
Posted by:  Gloops (
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013

Hello everybody,

I have an ASP.Net server that works properly for a few years, but
tonight I have added a folder with a page that presents a shopping cart
component, that can be fed from the page where it appears.

This page runs jolly good in Visual Studio on the development machine.
Now that I have deployed that folder, not only it is not recognized, but
other ASP.Net pages cannot appear, and redirect the visitor to the error
page. Html redirection pages appear properly, and then when they try to
redirect to the ASP.Net page of the folder, that is not what the user sees.

In the log, I see 302 and 304 errors.

Well, that probably will stay like that until the support opens, unless
anybody gives a good explanation on a very reactive way ?

After all, this has happened on a less critical question :)

Oh, and after the return code (200, 302, 304), I see four other numbers
separated by spaces. I saw the signification of the return codes in
wikipedia, but not the four numbers that come after on the log line.