A simple problem to solve - div height!

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Subject: A simple problem to solve - div height!
Posted by:  richard (memb…@newsguy.com)
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009

First of all, there will be no URL posting for this. Period.

I just want to know how I can cause the left column height to match the
right column in case of word wrapping? Remove the <br> and you'll see what
I mean.


<div style="border:solid 2px #00f; width:30em; height:auto;">
<!-- Row 1 header-->
<div style="height:auto;">
<!-- Left column -->
<div style="width:2em; height:100%; background:#eee; float:left;">

<!-- Right column -->
<div style=" background:#ffff7a; height:100%;">
What is the question of the day  <br> you ask?



I feel if you're to lazy to copy and paste the code into an editor, you
should just keep quiet.