CGI? - Off Topic, Please Tell Me Where To Post This.

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Subject: CGI? - Off Topic, Please Tell Me Where To Post This.
Posted by:  Larry Lindstrom (larryl_tur…
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009

Hi Folks:

  Sorry for this OT post, I'll try to keep this short.

  10 years ago I did some CGI scripting on Solaris, using C++.

  I haven't done much since, but I'm trying to get back into web

  I'm an independent consultant, so I can't tell you what types of
projects I'll be working on.  I'm interested in either platform
independent, or Unix/Linux centric tools.

  Javascript still seems to be popular, but an article in Wikipedia
left me with the feeling that CGI is growing long in the tooth and
other technologies are emerging to take it's place.

  Under the section entitled "Alternatives", Wikipedia says "The
popular Web servers developed their own extension mechanisms that
allows third-party software to run inside the web server itself, e.g.
Apache modules".  What Apache modules would these be?

  I'm looking for a site, newsgroup or forum that I can use to help
me decide if I should dust off my neglected CGI skills, or use this as
a new beginning with a clean break from CGI.