how to capture locally, the data content of an HTM form?

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Subject: how to capture locally, the data content of an HTM form?
Posted by:  Terence (tbwrig…
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009

I tried finding a solution on the Google Group Javsscript Forum java.
I am now posting here.

1) we have working systems of programs that used locally, use HTM
forms to cature data and send e-mail messages out-and-back
(unnecessarily?) to match use of the SAME input form in remote and web
locations and situations. Some paper versions of the same forms are
read by fast automatic machines; other similar, but not printed so
geometrically exact, are
data-input by hand. It is these that I am trying to find a solution
for by using a form to
capture data locally, by seekeing to store the output onf the user's
browser, to  a local disk.

Here is a very small extract of the type of data which we know as
"Mozilla" format, which we need to use. Any correction of this term
used by me would be appreciated. This shows the coded result of the
capture of binary radio and multiple button choices, There would also
be decimal values and text responses.

> id=3DCUEST2++&01%2F03-00=3D+1&01%2F04-01=3D+1&01%2F04-02=3D+2&01%2F04-03=
+1&01%2F09-01=3D+1&01%2F09-02=3D+2&01%2F10-00=3D+2&01%2F11-RR=3D ....

2) we need a single solution that fits every form we generate (single-
character alphabets);
and we could upgrade by removing obsoleted and some deprecated HTM
tags still in use.

3) whatever is written locally, if not "Mozilla" encoding, has be a
string of ascii text strings and the field identifying label and its
index (e.g. selected button values).So that
the "Mozilla" coding can be generated for the existing processing

5) any solution (e.g. java scripting) used must be fixed, not varying
with the form used.

The original form is used on a web-site, OR sent to a selected
respondee OR used for local
data entry - all three modes . So the form has to be capable of
automatic modification (say
by inclusion at Line "x" of a java script function) to allow local
storage instead of send
out-and-back (as now) to the same workstation's e-mail attach file. (A
tiny loading program
couldn handle that for local use).

  The cgi-equivalent processing for input correction is NOT
neccessary. but a local cgi
solution could be contemplated as long as the "Mozilla" format is
(The final processing tool expects the "universal" e-mailed data
format, so local data should
produce the same data files).

Existing forms include the initial structure:-
=A0 =A0<form method=3D"post" name=3D"STUDY999" action=3D"mailto:
and so need something that changes the action from e-mailing to one of
storing locally.on the usual "submit" button action.

An alternative could be the SAVING of each form and data, so that data
extraction could occur from these files.