A Platonic qustion

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Subject: A Platonic qustion
Posted by:  Anton Shepelev (anton.t…@g{oogle}mail.com)
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017

Hello, all

Behold  below  a  fragment from the Turbo Pascal 7.0
Language Guide:

  To be used as procedural  values,  procedures  and
  functions  must be declared with a 'far' directive
  or compiled in the '{$F+}' state.

I wonder why 'directive' has an  indefinite  article
and 'state' a definite one.  My personal interpreta-
tion would be that the former means an  instance  of
the  'far'  directive,  whereas the latter the state
itself rather refers to the state (which is  a  com-
plier  option  applying to a section of code) rather
itself than its instance.  Several procedures may be
decalred as "far", e.g.:

  procedure P1 far;
  procedure P2 far;
  procedure P3;

Can one say both that

  a.  a 'far' directive
      (i.e. an accurence of)

  b.  the 'far' directive
      (as opposed to, say, the 'near' directive)

is missing in the declaration of P3?

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