Real salt?

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Subject: Real salt?
Posted by:  Anton Shepelev (antoni…
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2017

Hello, all

In  a  story  by Lord Dunsany I have read about inns
"where one could get real salt, and the waiter spoke
English  and  where one had a name instead of a num-
ber; and though the tablecloth might  be  dirty  the
windows  opened so that the air was clean, and where
one had the excellent company of farmers and men  of
the world who could not be thoroughly vulgar because
they had not the money to be so  even  if  they  had
wished it."

Why  did he mention real salt -- was there a substi-
tute in common use at the beginning of the twentieth
century,  or did he refer to corasely ground salt in
contrast to the nasty finely ground variety?

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