Tolstoy's [ The Death of Ivan Ilych ]

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Subject: Tolstoy's [ The Death of Ivan Ilych ]
Posted by:  Hen Hanna (henhan…
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2017

1.  There once was a loopy social(ist) scholar with the similar name.
        did he get that name from this book ?

i'm  85%  done  reading  a new translation of
              The Death of Ivan Ilych

2.  it seems so modern.  It's like a movie script.
      Chapt. 1 ends with the funeral scene.
    did Tolstoy invent this "flashback" style?
          (i know about The Odyssey.)

Peter Ivanovich found the fresh air particularly pleasant after the smell of incense, the dead body, and carbolic acid.

"Where to sir?" asked the coachman.

"It's not too late even now....I'll call round on Fedor Vasilievich."

He accordingly drove there and found them just finishing the first rubber, so that it was quite convenient for him to cut in.

  -----  in my book/copy/edition,  i'd have wanted
            an Endnote for "rubber".

      my first thought was  "brothel, or call girls?"    HH