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Subject: Re: Of wisdom
Posted by:  Hen Hanna (henhan…
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2017

On Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 3:08:19 PM UTC-7, Anton Shepelev wrote:

> I have set down this fragment of an interview I just
> saw on the TV by way of an exercise in  the  writing
> of,  as  THE COLONEL  used  to say, a coherent para-
> graph.
> My grandfather paid little heed  to  the  household,
> but  that  summer, unexpectedly, he had planted car-
> rots, and by coincidence it was the  summer  that  I
> first  fell in love.  I could not conceive of a bet-
> ter way to please the girl  than  to  give  her  the
> whole  yield  of  our carrots, which I did.  But the
> next day she went for a  stroll  with  another  boy,
> four years my elder (I was seven.)
> Futher  to  aggravate my distress, the very same day
> my grandfather asked me to  make  a  salad  for  him
> specifically  with  his own carrots, so my theft was
> soon discovered.  I had a  dreadful  scene  with  my
> parents,  which  left me miserable, and upon which I
> went to my room and lay on the sofa in stark depres-
> sion.
> Then who should come in but my grandfather. "What is
> the matter?" asked he.  I told him all -- that I had
> met with a betrayal from the girl I loved and with a
> lack of understanding from my family.  That  was  a
> moment,  I said, for any decent man to terminate his
> life.
> "Is it a well-pondered and final resolution that you
> have  made?"  he  asked, to which I answered, calmly
> and with perfect sincerity: "Yes,  absolutely."  "I
> respect  your  decision," he replied.  I was shocked
> and knew not how to continue the  conversation.  "I
> trow",  he  went  on,  "now  that you have made your
> choice, it does not matter much whether  you  effect
> it right now or any other time." "No, it doesn't," I
> said indifferently.  "Then you  can  do  it  in  the
> morning,  so  let  us  now go to dinner.  But do not
> tell your parents about it or  mum  will  be  sorely
> disappointed."  I found it reasonable and agreed.
> In  the  morning  something  distracted  my  gloomy
> thoughts and made me postpone  the  suicide  till  a
> later time.  Then what with one thing, what with an-
> other, I kept postponing my  self-desturction  until
> it  left my mind, imperceptibly to myself.  I admire
> the wisdom of my grandfather, who  in  simple  words
> explained the formula of life to a little child.
> P.S.: My own grandfather offered me a cigarette when
>      I was six.  "Come on", he said,  "do  it  like
>      the  grown-ups."  The  experience -- the sour
>      taste, the burning in the  throat,  the  acrid
>      smoke  that  brought  the tears -- was so dis-
>      gusting that I have never thought  of  smoking
>      again.

  that doesn't work with beer.  HH


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