etymolgy of [drum] --- [ whiskey drummer ]

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Subject: etymolgy of [drum] --- [ whiskey drummer ]
Posted by:  Hen Hanna (henhan…
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2017

  etymolgy of [drum] ---=20


1535, back-formation from drumslade =E2=80=8E(=E2=80=9Cdrummer=E2=80=9D=E2=
=80=8E), from Middle Dutch trommelslach =E2=80=8E(=E2=80=9Cdrumbeat=E2=80=
=9D=E2=80=8E), from trommel =E2=80=8E(=E2=80=9Cdrum=E2=80=9D=E2=80=8E) + sl=
ach =E2=80=8E(=E2=80=9Cbeat=E2=80=9D=E2=80=8E) (Dutch slag).

Alternate etymology traces drum directly from Middle Dutch tromme =E2=80=8E=
(=E2=80=9Cdrum=E2=80=9D=E2=80=8E) or Middle Low German trumme =E2=80=8E(=E2=
=80=9Cdrum=E2=80=9D=E2=80=8E). Akin to Middle High German trumme, trumbe =
=E2=80=8E(=E2=80=9Cdrum=E2=80=9D=E2=80=8E), Old High German trumba =E2=80=
=8E(=E2=80=9Ctrumpet=E2=80=9D=E2=80=8E). More at trumpet.


[ whiskey  drummer ]  was in a film -- (pls Guess which one)

      I'd have guessed that the etym. was
          from whiskey in a (steel) drum.

      which is kind-of  yucky just thinking about it,
              the taste, the smell, .... .