What is "dialing up a loaded chamber of lead"?

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Subject: What is "dialing up a loaded chamber of lead"?
Posted by:  fl (rxjwg…@gmail.com)
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2017


I read below on the web. I don't know what "dialing up a loaded chamber of
lead" means. On a dictionary, "chamber of lead"'s explanation is: to produce
sulfuric acid, which is not explosive. What does 'dial up' mean?
Could you tell me its meaning?

Thanks in advance

I live in this communist bastion of idiocy and it's killing me. Seattlites are
the most uninformed, ignorant group of so-called "progressives" on the planet.
They kept calling the San Bernardino terrorist attack "workplace violence"
long after the armory of weapons and explosives were uncovered. Seattle is
overrun with politically correct, underdeveloped adults who claim victimhood
and white pivilege at every opportunity afforded them.

Washington state retains one of the most regressive tax structures in the
nation while the citizens of Seattle add to the burden of the poor with bag
and soda taxes. Were it not the most beautiful city in the country and home
to the Seattle Seahawks, I'd probably have checked out like so many here do -
by dialing up a loaded chamber of lead. Great transit system though.