Should GG be doing more about the Spam postings ?

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Subject: Should GG be doing more about the Spam postings ?
Posted by:  Hen Hanna (henhan…
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016

> > I noticed less traffic on this board than recent years.  So, I'm
> > wondering, did this newsgroup migrate to a web based forum somewhere
> > else??
> There isn't any one particular forum where ex-members have gone, but
> you'll find many of the people who used to post here now posting on
> various web forums. The web forums seem to go in and out of fashion, with
> roughly the same people moving around lots of different forums.
> One of the problems with this usenet group is that it's been very heavily
> spammed because of irresponsible behaviour by Google. There have been
> days when hundreds of messages advertising shoes, pornography, etc.
> arrived here via Google Groups.

Many groups are now inundated by Spam posts.

    In the groups I visit, the most common ones are
        ads for bootleg (?) engineering textbooks.

The last comment(quoted above)
  about  [ ... irresponsible behaviour by Google]
  made me wonder ...

      Should GG be doing more about the Spams ?    HH