Which stranger, "English" or "lexicographers" thereof?

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Subject: Which stranger, "English" or "lexicographers" thereof?
Posted by:  Richard Owlett (rowle…@cloud85.net)
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2016

Just sent an email containing the sentence "If not, note the new
I was using a convention to indicate that there would be one new
timestamp or multiple new timestamps.

My spellchecker [so called] gave choices of:
1. timestamp  -  *NOTE BENE* forcing singular - spellchecker
wishes to force timestamps
                                                a this point
2, time stamp -  *NOTE BENE* forcing singular
3. time-stamp -  *NOTE BENE* forcing singular
4. timestamps -  *NOTE BENE* forcing plural

I would never expect English to be "logical", but do expect symmetry.