Innit/N'est-ce pas/Nicht wahr

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Subject: Innit/N'est-ce pas/Nicht wahr
Posted by:  alien8er (alien87…
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014

This terminal phrase inviting agreement by implying negation seems popula=
r in England and Europe, but not in America. The nearest equivalents are va=
riations on the current not negative "I know, right?" or the slightly older=
(and less popular) negative-by-implication "don't you think?".

  When did this difference first manifest? I am tempted to assume that inni=
t etc. didn't make it across the Atlantic simply because colonists didn't u=
se it. I'm sure that's entirely too naive but there must be an explanation.

  Don't you think?

  Dr. HotSalt