The poor quality of life in the US

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Subject: The poor quality of life in the US
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Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003

The poor quality of life in the US by Charles Riggs

On 14 Sep 2003 14:01:16 GMT, Dena Jo
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>I don't turn my TV on for days under most circumstances, the exception
>being to watch a DVD.

That may be because you live in a country where even the few programs
worth watching in that restrictive culture are interrupted every ten
minutes by a lengthy series of crass advertisements. On my last visit
to the US, I found television essentially unwatchable, after being
spoiled by British TV. Yup, the story here is very different: no
adverts or fewer adverts than in the US depending on the channel, a
far greater number of good documentaries, a more intelligent approach
to news presentation, better interviewers who ask tougher questions of
the politicians, a far better selection of quality films at no extra
charge, ads which are more sophisticated and are often humorous, and a
more liberal approach in almost all programming.

That's just TV. There are dozens of things to look at when evaluating
quality of life, many of far greater importance -- and we'd each have
a list -- but when trying to consider most of them, the only
conclusion I come to is that the quality of life in America is
inferior to that in most of the other countries I've visited or lived
in and to the life in all of the EU countries I'm familiar with.
(Except for Wales, of course.)

Charles Riggs

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