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Subject: Re: picture or pictures?
Posted by:  Skitt (skitt…
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003

Hase wrote:

> Please read the following sentences.
> One week later, the school principal gave Lee Vang an award.
> Reporters took his pictures and the mayor shook his hand.
> In the second sentence, should *his pictures* be replaced by *his
> picture*, a singular form?
> Someone told me that, in a case like this, no matter how many pictures
> the reporters take, it should be singular.
> What do you think?
> And, if possible, tell me why.

I feel that "his picture" is better.  The other option would be "took
pictures" without the "his".

There's another thing -- I read quickly, and on first pass I interpret what
is written fairly literally, thus, the first sentence having established the
school principal as the primary subject, at first I thought that the
picturea and hand-shaking referred to him, not Lee.

Others may not have read that into it, but it threw me for just a second, or

Skitt (in Hayward, California)



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