Is cable both power and data?

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Subject: Is cable both power and data?
Posted by:  micky (NONONOmisc…
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2020

I have a Y-shaped USB cable, 18" long, with type A at one end and the
two previously most common mini's at the other end, the one that used to
be used for cell phones and the other slightly bigger one.

All 3 ends have the USB logo in the plastic.

Doesn't that mean it's both power and data?

If it were power only, it should not have the logo, right?

Yet when I plug one end into the computer and another end into a Harmony
remote control, I get no beeps from the computer.  So that means the
cable is defective, right?

I've had it for years, but I guess I've never used it except for
charging things.