press 4 to unlock core

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Subject: press 4 to unlock core
Posted by:  bad sector (forgets…
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020

Having 'increasing' probs with my 8-core AMD destktop.
The board is an asus-xhair-IV

Boot often doesn't even begin and pops the subject
error message which includes "or F.. to load defaults"
and words of this nature.

CPU temps never above 50c.

BIOS should come up by touching "Del" but it takes a dozen
attempts for that to work with my new usb gaming keyboard.

This morning bios just would  not detect 2 of my data drives
in sata slots 3 & 4 (using a 5-bay rack with 1-4 sata reserved).

After I don't know how many reboots bios still wasn't detecting
but "fdisk -l" finally picked one of them up.

On the last boot bios detected it too, got it mounted, and
it's presently taking 1tb of backups.

I would just like some ballpark hunches to start with, what
do symptoms like this suggest?  Mobo, rack, bios?