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Subject: WD Black
Posted by:  philo (phi…@privacy.net)
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2020

I'm wondering if there are performance issues with WD- Black hard drives.

On one of my Wife's Win10 machine, there was constant disk activity that
I could not trace down...all seemed normal.

I decided to clone the drive to a SSD and found a nice improvement that
I thought was simply a function of the SSD.

Then realized that on my main machine running Ubuntu 20.04 that also had
a WD-Black drive, there also seemed to be excess drive activity. Since I
have not done a disk clone backup in years, I cloned the drive to a
Seagate SATA and found the excess drive activity had been cured.

At the time I purchased the WD-Black, I thought I was getting a top of
the line drive.