KVM Anomaly

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Subject: KVM Anomaly
Posted by:  samsu…@egypt.com
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2020

This has been driving me nuts.
I cannot retain my desktop icon layouts.
I have two PCs,  one W10, one dual-boot W7 & W10.
They are linked via a 2-port USB VGA KVM.
I never have desktop arrangement-retention trouble on the first PC
whether I use the KVM or not.
I never do on the second either as long as I leave the KVM alone.
Even when I shut down and restart.
BUT, if I have both PCs on, and use the KVM to go back and forth,
the desktop icons on the second PC immediately revert to another
layout,  but with the same icons.  Happens W7 and W10.
Any ideas?