My HP Deskjet 855C died tonight.

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Subject: My HP Deskjet 855C died tonight.
Posted by:  John C (r9jm…
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2020

Tonight I tried to print a grayscale portrait of my late uncle and aunt
on some nice, glossy photo paper. After waiting a long time for the job
to finish (the XP drivers for the HP 855C really suck badly), I was
astonished when the paper came out exactly as it went in... BLANK! This
was after I'd gone into the settings (with which I am intimately
familiar) and made sure the were all correct for the job.

I took out the black cartridge to clean it a little and when I tried to
put the thing back in the printer, the cartridge lock broke and threw
pieces in random directions. How DARE it! I mean, I only bought it back
in '96. The printer was so expensive that at the time, I made a promise
to myself to, no matter what it took, use the thing until it paid for

Instead of getting upset at it breaking, I only said the full version of
"WTF?" under my breath and felt a combination of ennui, sadness and
relief that the machine was finally gone. A long time ago, it lost the
ability to print in color because the cartridges (although still
available) are so expensive and dry up so fast. It's always required
periodic roller cleaning in order to get any paper to feed correctly too.

Now all that is at an end.

Over the years, I've been watching the dismal developments with
printers, watched how printer ink has become almost the most expensive
substance on earth per ounce. Watched how inkjets have become the
industry's "loss-leader" throw-aways in order to get you hemorrhaging
money for their ludicrously over-priced cartridges.

I've also watched carefully and taken note of the way that almost all
inkjet printer reviews carefully avoid discussing the capacities of the
cartridges and confuse printing cost issues.

I would not buy another inkjet printer if you held a loaded gun to my
head. However, I still want to be able to print in color ...and
reliably. Searching on the internet has resulted in my impression that
the best color laser printer available for home use is the Brother
HL-3270CDW, which is a single-function printer. That it's not a MFP
isn't important to me because I have a good flatbed scanner already.

Does anybody have any comments about this choice, pro or con?


John Corliss