Old Stock Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Self-healing

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Subject: Old Stock Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Self-healing
Posted by:  Norm Why (nobo…@microsoft.com)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2019

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>> The service life of electrolytic capacitors is 17 years

Capacitor 'leakage' had got so bad, the system shut down immediately. After
much fiddling, the beep speaker is now giving beep codes, 'Continuous short
beeps: Power error'. This is progress. 'Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
Self-healing' means maintaining +5 voltage. My NEW PSU does that. I see the
PS/2 mouse glows red.

After >24 hours 'self-healing', it is time to worry about bad caps. One near
the PCIe graphics slot is anomalous. Instead of being bowed-out, its head
has a bowed-in dimple, like it expanded and then contracted. It does not
feel hot to the touch, but touch reveals it is loose. Maybe Electrolytic
Capacitor leakage was so great it melted the solder? Since it looks bad,
maybe it can be removed and tested. What are the consequences? I can work
without PCIe graphics for a while, but I will need it later.