Problems rebuilding system

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Subject: Problems rebuilding system
Posted by:  Norm Why (nobo…
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2019


I gutted my old system because the MOBO would not boot. I have an Intel
Q9650 CPU and two sticks of DDR2 RAM, SSDs and a Zotac GTX 970 Single Fan
Graphics Card. I bought an official Intel cooler fan for the Q9650. I'm
still looking for a plastic funnel to vent the waste heat outside. To
accommodate my CPU and RAM I purchased a GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DR3LR MOBO from
Hong Kong with all the trimmings. When I went to install it in my old box, I
realized I needed a PC case for a full size ATX board. So, I ordered an
MX330-X gaming Midi  tower from the Source, $40. I had fun attaching the
front panel connectors. I was able to satisfy myself the power and reset
switched were working. I have only USB2 and on the new box USB3 was not
installed on the front panel. Generally, I am satisfied with the MX330-X. I
just need more screws to secure the MOBO, so I don't get more sympathetic
(harmonic) vibrations in the future. My old 400W PSU was working fine and
seems to be working now. All power leads are attached and also to the GTX
970. When I first tried to power the system up, all fans came on except the
GTX 970 and no HDMI image on the screen. I cleared the CMOS with a shunt for
one minute and the GTX 970 fan came on but no image. I then tied 5 minutes
to clear the CMOS. BTW the GIGABYTE MOBO came with a battery but it was dead
so I used the one from the old board that checked was OK. Even after 5
minutes to clear the CMOS there is little progress. The GTX 970 fan spins
for a while then it shuts down. I understand the HALT on all errors is the
default but with no BIOS screen I can do nothing. there are many pretty
colored LEDs that say my RAM is doing something.

Any suggestions what to do next? Thanks.