MCP73VE PC no Boot

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Subject: MCP73VE PC no Boot
Posted by:  Norm X (someo…
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2019


History: my MCP73VE PC was working when I transported it by car to shop to
see about a new CPU (Q9650) cooler fan. When I brought it back home I dusted
the CPU Cooler duct and tightened the CPU screws. Nothing I haven't done in
the past.

Current work: When I got home the PC would not boot, did not show the POST
screen and gave me no access to BIOS program or F12 multiboot selection.
I left it for a few days and consulted WWW for ideas. One idea related to
the Battery. I checked the battery, in place with a multimeter. Other than
the CPU, I can find no chips requiring a push to resocket. I checked the
power/data connections to my SSD SATA drives.

My conclusion is that maybe my Intel Q9650 is not working for some reason.
When I last renewed my PSU I used better thermal grease. I think worrying
about the socket CPU would not be fruitful. On the other hand the Intel
Q9650 got fried by static?  To me, this is not reasonable because it is
fully enclosed in metal.

Maybe the MOBO got damaged? My new PSU gave voltages that permitted PC boot.
I have a MCP73VE design PDF schematic that says "Voltage design should be
covered +5V, +3.3V, +12V, +5VSB, -12V (attention to 12V output capability)"
As I reported here earlier -12V is near zero but the PC has always booted. I
think this is universal since PSUs never give -12V

I have the SSD SATA drives that retain 11+ years of work. There are a number
of valuable parts to carry over to my next MOBO, if required: 8GB of DDR2
Samsumg memory, Intel Q9650  if not damaged, GTX970 GPU, new PSU

I would welcome suggestions. Thanks.