Hard drive experiments

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Subject: Hard drive experiments
Posted by:  philo (phi…@privacy.net)
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2019

Now that I'm an old retired guy I am finally getting around to doing a
few things I've always wanted to try concerning hard drives.

I mentioned in another thread that I had two drives taken out by a PSU
that failed.

I had all data backed up but wanted to see if switching out the
controller board might make the drives usable.

They were both WD 500G drives but I really did not want to buy one or
two more just for the sake of experimenting.

I do have a WD 320 drive with a controller that has the same part number
on it but was not sure if that would work.

As it turns out I found a WD 80G drive and a WD 120 gig drive that have
the same controller number and I swapped them...and each worked!

So I figured the controller from the 320G drive might work in the 500G

It did not however. That leads me to beleive that more has failed on the
drive than the controller board.