Cables Reproducing?

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Subject: Cables Reproducing?
Posted by:  John McGaw (nobo…@nowh.ere)
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019

It has to be that these things are breeding. There used to be a joking
theory that wire coat hangers were reproducing and trying to take over the
world but it seems that computer cables are in the game now.

Do you find that your stock of cables is expanding without your knowledge?
I just looked in the closet in my "office" and found a bag of unexplained
USB cables -- mostly A to B types -- that really shouldn't be there. I
already had a rack on one wall holding cables and I swear that there are
twice as many now as there were a year ago -- all sorts of cables, not just
USB but video, power, extenders, and who knows what else. I'm almost afraid
to look in the downstairs "closet of computing antiquity" for fear of what
will be there now.

What does on do with such excess? Does dumping them at the recycling center