Dell SupportAssist and KingSpec mSATA SSD

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Subject: Dell SupportAssist and KingSpec mSATA SSD
Posted by:  ~misfit~ (…
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2019

A while back I purchased a Dell Latitude E7440 laptop which came with a standard HDD fitted.
However it has a WWAN / mSATA slot available so I bought an mSATA drive. I was short of money at
the time and couldn't afford my usual Samsung Evo SSD so bought a Chinese 'KingSpec' SSD.

I cloned the OS and 'system' partitions from the HDD to the SSD and it worked well, for almost a
year now no issues at all, fast and stable. I left a HDD in the laptop as well for data storage.

Then (after having run it on my Dell desktop to update drivers) I decided to run Dell SupportAssist
on the laptop last night. It ran driver updates check, said it found updates (but didn't download
or install them, it does that after all of the testing is finished).

Then it went on to hardware testing, got to 70% done after a few minutes and was testing the 'HDD'
for various things ("Funneling" was on screen last I think?) when the screen went black with the
message 'Your computer has encountered an error and needs to restart". That's never good..

On restart within about a second the screen shows "Invalid partition table!" followed by a blinking
cursor and nothing further happens. Damn!

I pulled the mSATA SSD and, using an adapter connected it via USB3 to my desktop (A Dell Optiplex
9020) and I can see both the 100MB system partition and C: just fine. I was hoping that perhaps I'd
be prompted to 'fix' a partition table. I also connected the laptops data driver to the desktop in
case that was the issue (I've moved the default Windows user data files to that to save space on
the SSD) but that is fine too.

So I'm assuming there's an issue with the UEFI / 100MB 'system' partition that the test caused?
(Possibly due to perhaps something non-compliant with the cheap SSD..) If so is there any way I can
fix it without going through a complete OS install? (Would that even work if it's a UEFI issue?) It
always takes me ages to get the OS and programmes just how I like them so if the 'system' partition
is fixable that would be awesome.

I know that this may not be strictly a hardware issue (but think it's likely related to the SSD as
SupportAssist has always run fine for me on machines with Samsung SSDs) but I'm hoping someone here
might be able to help - or maybe point me in the right direction to get help.

Thanks for reading.


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