question about CPUs and GPUs

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Subject: question about CPUs and GPUs
Posted by:  Yes (
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2019

Just a bit of curiosity on my part re: the state of CPU and GPU (a
discrete graphics card) technology out there.  I'm not ready to upgrade
my pc or build a new one yet but read ads and a few reviews.  The last
I read was that CPUs are entering "ninth" generation from both AMD and
Intel and should reach the market later this year with a range of
options.  I've also heard that the prices of GPU have started dropping
for one reason or another (mainly bitmining).

What would be an example of a cutting edge CPU and a cutting edge GPU
on the market now?
Same question but for what would be called a medium quality CPU and GPU?

I'm pretty sure that a cutting edge CPU and GPU are out of my price
range, but I do wonder from time to time what performance in general
one might expect combining one quality grade of CPU with that of a GPU.
I'm talking about:
(1) cutting edge CPU paired with medium quality GPU or
(2) medium quality CPU paired with cutting edge GPU or
(3) medium quality CPU paired with medium quality GPU.

My current build is about 4 or 5 years old now and handles what I do
quite easily - playing older RPG games (e.g., Baldur's Gate,
Morrowind), email, web surfing and watching YouTube videos.  However,
I'm getting interested in playing some of the new(er) games out there -
sorry, no titles to offer as an example at the moment - just that the
demos and benchmark videos on YouTube indicate that current and
slightly older games would require more oomph than my current system
could provide.  My pc is not overclocked nor do I believe I would be
interested in doing that with a new CPU.

TIA for comments.