What is the potential value of a used 400W ATX power suppy.

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Subject: What is the potential value of a used 400W ATX power suppy.
Posted by:  Norm X (someo…@microsoft.com)
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2019

I have a PC box with the same MOBO since 2008, ten years. Every other
component has been upgraded , serviced or replaced. With patience,
technology improves and new parts are better and cheaper. My original PS was
250W which was abused by excessive power load. I bought a 400W replacement.
After many years of unfailing service, It developed an annoying sympathetic
vibration that I serviced. Don't worry about the warning stickers. I opened
the sealed case with its narrow strips of anti-vibration Teflon on the
interlocking edges. So I was careful to insure that it went back together
correct. It is always best to wait a bit before making a new diagnosis. The
sympathetic vibration was cured. In the mean time I ordered a new 400W ATX
power supply but have hesitated to replace the old one. I turned the desktop
PC off a few days ago and now the PS gives a mild hum. This power supply is
working well electrically and the hum would not be noticed if the PC was in
its own room. There are poor starving children in Africa whose lives would
be enriched with a replacement after market PS.

So my question is solicit humanitarian advice.  Would I be better to donate
to charity at the workplace of poor starving computer techs, or to sell it
on Craiglist?

Thanks for an opinion.

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