What am I doing wrong?

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Subject: What am I doing wrong?
Posted by:  Turiā€¦@Blech.com
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2018

I am trying to fire up this W7 PC to eventually use on a PS/2 KVM. The
PC has only one PS/2 connection (plus a few USBs of course).  I want
to use a keyboard and a mouse which both are PS/2.  I tried using both
the keyboard and mouse one at a time and both work during bootup. So
they both seem to work.    Even in W7 altho still  only one at a time.
I have to make things work with both mouse and keyboard connect of
course.  I then tried using both connected to a Y connector which
changes the connections to the single PC USB input connection.  Both
mouse and keyboard still work during boot.  However, when I get to W7,
neither work.  Funny, since both work when alone. Even when using the
Y connector.  So the mouse, keyboard, Y connector, and PC USB port all
seem to be good individually, but not together, which I seem to need.



I hope someone can tell me what to try.