Can Someone Tell Me What Is Going On?

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Subject: Can Someone Tell Me What Is Going On?
Posted by:  SamSpa‚Ķ
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2018

I discovered something last night that has me stumped.
I have two TVs in the house - both have been using a so-called Verizon
set-top box to get TV programming via a wireless Verizon router  The
TVs are hardwired to the router via house coax,  as is the router.  My
two PCs are cat5-connected to the same router even though the latter
could work wireless (wireless showed to be slower).  I also have a
tablet and a laptop, both of which get internet wirelessly using same

Having said all that - the other night I accidently disconnected my
router's power, but did not know it (I was not using the web on my
computers).  While in that state, I watched TV several hours wth no
problem.  Then - I discovered the disconnect, and connected.  Then, of
course, my PCs had internet access,  All ok.

But then - I thought:  How the H was I getting a TV signal?
I repeated the power disconnect just to veriify things, and the same

I asked a friend, who lives 100 miles away, to try duplicating my
fete, and he said he got no TV at all, which seems logical.

Can anyone suggest how I am getting a TV signal?  What don't I know?
Maybe I can stop paying for Verizon TV?