Connection Monitor to PC ???

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Subject: Connection Monitor to PC ???
Posted by:  John…
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018

I discovered something that surprised me - maybe someone can tell me

I connected my monitor to two PCs, one DVI, the other VGA.  I planned
to used my two PCs together, but never at same time.  Guess what?  My
PC connected with VGA worked alone. buy stopped working once I
connected  the DVI cable.  The DVI PC worked fine.  I even unplugged
power to the DVI PC!!  Now I am plugged to only the VGA PC and all is
fine.  What don't I understand?

This is all because my MINIVIEW SYMPATH 4-VGA-PC
monitor-mouse-keyboard-connector quit working after several years use.
Just quit.  Further, my cables no longer want to want on the Sympathy.
Seems strange.

I am discouraged to say the least.