Lenove T500 beep code 1-3-3-1

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Subject: Lenove T500 beep code 1-3-3-1
Posted by:  hubo‚Ķ@ccanoemail.ca
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018

Hello  ;  I've received the  1-3-3-1  beep code on boot-up failure.
  <  DIMM  /  main board  >
After several  on-off  tries  -  it did boot up OK.
I searched and downloaded the Hardware Maintenance Manual.
I have very limited experience with laptop repairs ;  more comfortable
with old tower computers.
  Any experience or thoughts on this ?
I was contemplating remove & re-install DIMM card(s)  ..
- seems like a fairly easy process as per the manual ?
Any thoughts on causes  -  heat/fan  issues ?
< problem occurred on first boot after being off all night >
The laptop was  $ 140. + a battery  2 1/2 years ago
so I won't be spending much money to fix it.
P8400  @ 2.26  3 gigs RAM
  Thanks ;  John T.