OT: Wabt Siund Bar Guidane

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Subject: OT: Wabt Siund Bar Guidane
Posted by:  Turi…@Blech.com
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2018

It looks to me as if soundbars are a very hot item right now.  Selling
like hotcakes and everyone is selling many.  This novice wants to buy
one but I want to get what is the best and most useful.  For example
what is HDMI useful for on a soundbar?  Or, how are HDMI in and HDMI
out used?  I did not know they are one-way.  Or, how is the internet
connection used?  How connected? Probably dumb q's, but I sure wud
like some simple answers to my simple (?) q's.

Yes, I have googled the topic - may be dumb, but I encountered a bunch
of  mess.  Must be me.  Just want someone to point me to a useful,
informative 'forum', or some such.