nVidia GPU reccomendadtion please.

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Subject: nVidia GPU reccomendadtion please.
Posted by:  ~misfit~ (shaun.at.pukeko…@gmail.com)
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2018

I'm running an ATI HD7770 (with a QX9650 CPU) but the game I play is getting
more and more complex. Also apparently it's better optimised for nVidia
cards rather than ATI / AMD.

So I need an affordable card that doesn't draw (much) more power than the
HD7770 (~120w). Obviously it should be considerably more powerful than the
now quite old HD7770. I can't afford the latest gaming cards nor can I
afford to replace my PSU. I'd even consider a second-hand card if there's
something that's likely to fit my needs and price bracket.

Thanks in advance for reccomendations. I'm quite out of touch with GPU
development lately.


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