PPC Mac question

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Subject: PPC Mac question
Posted by:  philo (phi…@privacy.net)
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2017

Long shot asking here but they did not know on the vintage Mac group

I was given a G4 tower 500mhz with a SCSI drive and controller. The OS
was wiped but I have a PPC version of OSX 10.3 I was able to
install...but the machine will not boot.

Also have various drives with OS9 already installed that I tried and
none will boot.

I removed the SCSI drive and got the thing working with an ATA drive but
I'd really like to know how to get it to boot from SCSI.

When I re-attach the scsi drive I can mount it and read the data

I found this info but it did not work Command-Option-Shift-Delete-# Boot
from a specific SCSI ID, where # is 0 through 6

Not really important, just more a matter of curiosity